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scmWe are a small and highly experienced team with razor sharp analytical skills. We specialize in Supply Chain Management, Sales & Operations Planning, Strategic Planning, and Project Management. 

Tom Sauder has been responsible for annual Supply Chain budgets of $ 150,000,000 and has managed Working Capital of $ 100,000,000. In addition he led the implementation of an advanced S&OP process and software from scratch to completion.

Project management - Project planning conceptIn the last 30 years we have been on the client side of consulting engagements, attended workshops & courses, and studied countless books. Most of these experiences had one thing in common- they took too long and cost too much. Why? Too much ancillary information and not enough focus. We believe in keeping things lean.


So we developed courses and workshops that are:

Pure: Only what’s relevant and required to get the job done is included.

Leadership ConceptSimple: We have stripped the complexities away and present each topic in an easy to understand fashion.

Results Driven: We know how to unlock hidden human and physical capacity. We have a proven track record of reducing working capital, negotiating win-win deals, and delivering projects on time.

handsOur approach is one of working with you in the format that makes sense for you. You can download and run the courses and workshops yourself. Any questions will be answered by e-mail. Or we can be on site with your team. We offer unmatched value.

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Supply Chain Management Course & Workshop

Strategic Planning Workshop

Project Management Course

S&OP/IBP Principles

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Our Tool Box:
  1. Process Mapping & Analysis
  2. Project Management
  3. Negotiation Strategies
  4. Theory of Constraints
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Leadership & Coaching
  7. Statistics, Math & Algorithms



Publications and Speaking Engagements:

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