Project Management

Project management - Project planning conceptWe use the best project management practices as taught by professional organizations and in engineering schools as a basis.

Through our extensive project management experience we have simplified the teachings and condensed it into a practical method of getting projects done.

We can teach you project management in one day, guide you through your first project, or manage a project for you. You can also download our project management course (below) and run it yourself.

If you are accustomed to project management we can audit your processes, review your project plans, or rescue a project in trouble.

Project Management Course

Our project management course uses years of practical experience to condense currently available educational programs to one day. At the end of the day you will have:

  • A comprehensive understanding of all aspects of project management. 
  • Templates for presentations.
  • Tips and shortcuts to manage projects efficiently and effectively.
  • An understanding of how Microsoft Project works.
  • Thirty five years of project management experience bundled into one day.
  • All you need to manage projects starting now.

This course is ideally suited for:

  • Organizations contemplating the use of formal project management for key projects or strategic plan implementation.
  • Functional leaders who want to train staff to be pro capable of managing projects.
  • Project managers looking for simpler ways of managing projects or want a refresher
  • Students enrolled in Engineering/Business programs
  • Individuals/Entrepreneurs who appreciate the value of planning their lives or enterprises 
Course Preview : Project Management – Pure & Simple

pdfClick the PDF icon on the right to preview the course. You will get the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Course Agenda. You will see examples of selected content using a fictional company providing examples.

Purchase The Course:

You can purchase the 58 page complete course and self study. We offer e-mail assistance to answer any questions you may have about the content. If you later decide you’d prefer us to deliver all or any section of the course at your location, we will credit you the cost of the course. At this time in house training is available in Canada only.




Tools Used

PMBOK Project Management – Simplified

MS Project