Sales & Operations Planning ‘s main purpose is to balance supply and demand using available resources most effectively. The major¬†goals are to avoid excess inventory, to avoid stock-outs, to have the right capacities available when needed, and to make the best decisions for the organization. Advanced S&OP adds strategic input, product management and a broader financial evaluation to the monthly process.

The most common mistake we see is the belief that a software implementation project will be the cure-all solution to S&OP. It is not.

We advocate the right balance between people, work processes, and software tools.

Free Download: S&OP/IBP Principles

pdfS&OP/IBP has evolved since the early 80’s. Supply Chain Management is still evolving as a discipline and overlaps with S&OP to some degree. Click on the PDF icon to the right to learn how S&OP/IBP evolved, how it builds on a solid Business Strategy and Supply Chain Management foundation, and how the monthly process works. We recommend the following path to S&OP/IBP:

  1. A discovery session of the readiness of your organization
  2. Review or development of your Strategic Plan that includes S&OP/IBP. To review and access our Strategic Planning Workshop, click Strategic Planning
  3. Review and revision of your Supply Chain Management processes. To review and access our education/workshop, click Supply Chain Management
  4. Project Management training to develop the implementation plan for your S&OP/IBP process. To review and access our one day project management course, click Project Management

We will customize the best program for you, based on your goals and current state. Please fill out the contact form below or call us to get started.