Strategic Planning

Bringing your vision to life


Leadership Concept

What makes our approach unique, yet simple and quick, is that we have used the best methodologies to develop each element of the strategic plan. For example, we develop the vision using Jim Collin’s “Good to Great” approach.

Research shows that many organizations develop very good strategic plans – and then they fizzle out and things don’t happen. Why? Because there is no disciplined implementation process. We marry the strategic plan with project management techniques to ensure successful implementation.

We can work with you from the beginning of strategic planning or start with what you have and develop the implementation plan.

Strategic Planning Workshop

Our strategic planning workshop synthesizes the best of the best strategic planning programs into a two day program. Day 1 consists of reflecting on your organization, business environment (current and future) and making some assumptions about the future. Day 2 (at least one week later) drives the development of the strategic plan from vision statement to execution strategies. A fictitious company is used to provide examples and explanations are inserted along the way making it ideal for you to run this workshop yourself. At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • A thorough understanding of your competitive environment.
  • A clear vision and path to the future with clearly defined objectives.
  • Buy-In across the organization.
  • A decision to make on how to implement the strategic plan.

This course is ideally suited for:

  • Parent organizations contemplating the development of a formal strategic Plan or updating the one they have.
  • Functional leaders who want to develop a functional/departmental strategic plan that integrates with that of the parent organization (or it can stand on its own)
  • Business leaders who want to explore an alternate way of developing their strategic plan
  • Students enrolled in Business programs
  • Individuals/Entrepreneurs who appreciate the value of planning their lives or enterprises 
Course Preview : Strategic Planning- Pure & Simple

pdfClick the PDF icon on the right to preview the course. You will get the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Workshop Agenda. You will see examples of selected content using a fictional company providing examples.

Purchase The Course:

You can purchase the 55 page complete workshop and use your own resources to work through it. We offer e-mail assistance to answer any questions you may have about the content. If you later decide you’d prefer us to deliver all or any section of the course at your location, we will credit you the cost of the course. At this time in house training is available in Canada only.