Supply Chain

scmOptimizing the flow of goods, money, and information across the supply chain is critical to remaining competitive and improving the bottom line. We know that the correct balance of people (structure & skills), process (business and operational) and tools (enterprise software & desktop applications) is the only way to success.

We will work with you to review your entire supply chain or deal with critical issues. You will discover opportunities to lower working capital, reduce/avoid capital expenditures, increase productivity, improve customer service, and achieve cross-functional alignment.

Supply Chain Management Course & Workshop

Our supply chain course provides you with the knowledge and tools to significantly improve supply chain performance. The course includes essential education (including calculations), exercises, and workshops. You can work through the material on your own (very cost effective) or with our help. At the end of the workshop you will have: 

  • A solid understanding of information, money, and product flow through your supply chain from forecasting to distribution.
  • A gap analysis comparing your current processes, organizational structure, and software to where you need (want) to be.
  • A thorough understanding of the key drivers of supply chain and how they impact business performance.
  • A meaningful set of KPIs/Metrics to track performance and improvements.
  • A solid understanding of the math behind ERP/MRP/Forecasting software.

This course is ideally suited for:

  • Organizations contemplating the development of a formal Supply Chain Management function
  • Supply Chain Leaders interested in redesigning/improving their function or parts of it
  • Supply Chain Professionals looking for the essential processes, flows, and calculations driving their function
  • Students enrolled in Supply Chain programs
  • Individuals considering a Supply Chain career
Course Preview : Supply Chain Management – Pure & Simple

pdfClick the PDF icon on the right to preview the course. You will get the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Workshop Agenda. You will see examples of the education material (supply chain flow diagram, forecast accuracy calculation & exercise), and one workshop example.


Purchase The Course:

You can purchase the 103 page complete course and use your own resources to work through it. We offer e-mail assistance to answer any questions you may have about the content. If you later decide you’d prefer us to deliver all or any section of the course at your location, we will credit you the cost of the course. At this time in house training is available in Canada only.